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Looking for a deal? Fantastic deals come up from time to time!  Let's see if there is something for you here.  Find products for many types of swimming and aquatic activities.
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Unpacking the Stealth MK II swimming goggle from  Vorgee
We are unpacking the Stealth MK II swimming goggle from Vorgee.  The Stealth MK II from Vorgee is an excellent swim goggle choice for swimmers in the pool, lake, or ocean. It's a great open water swimming choice because of the mirrored lenses and peripheral vision. It is a versatile...
Richard Pady - Triathlete, Coach & Master of Finding Your Tribe
Today, we're talking with the master of community, the master of tribe, Richard Pady from Healthy Results Training. Richard has built a community of athletes and fitness enthusiasts across the world over the past 30 plus years; he brings his functional and practical approach to fitness training and coaching to...
Unpacking the Missile swimming goggle from  Vorgee
We are unpacking the Missile swimming goggle from Vorgee.   Let's dive in and see what is inside. The Missile swim goggle from Vorgee is a staple swimming product for kids up to adults. It is a versatile swim goggle that fits almost all face shapes and sizes. In the video...
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