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Feel the Seal: The Vortech Goggle Range by Vorgee!

Jun 18 2018 0 Comments

Hey Ocean Junkies, we're excited to give you some information on the Vortech goggle line by Vorgee! This is the goggle for the open water, pool, or recreational swimmer who wants the best possible seal, visual clarity, and longevity in a goggle. These goggles' ultralight TPE frame and Ultravision, Anti-Fog Injection Lens make sure that your money is spent well, and on a product that you can rely on. 

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Swimming in History: Laps at the Oldest Pool Around!

May 05 2018 0 Comments Tags: Adventure, History, Swimming, Tourism

The Spring Hill Baths is a historic tank located in the heart of Brisbane. Its character and unruly length make it an obsolete pool for competition and even full time squad training. With wooden door change rooms, square foot starting blocks and a glass ceiling letting in beautiful natural light, this pool screams authenticity. It may be one of the last of its kind in this pristine condition. This is a tank that has truly withstood the test of time.

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