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Special Episode: Cole Pratt - Post Olympic Trials Interview

All right. Good morning folks. And welcome to the on-deck show, a show that takes a look at people and organizations working every day to make things better for you and I. In this special episode, we check in with Cole Pratt, a recent nominee to the 2021 Tokyo Olympic team. We are not talking about one of those people doing things to make things better for you and me, although he impacts young swimmers and many communities around the country.

But we're talking to somebody who's benefited from one of those people. Who's working hard every day to make things better. Folks like you and me, and that's Dave Johnson IN CALGARY. We welcome Cole. Cole will talk to us about his journey, what he's looking forward to at the Olympics, and so much more. Stay tuned.

Cole Pratt

The Best Training & Competition Swimming Goggles

Swimming Goggles

Today we're talking about what we think are the best swim goggles for training and competition. We are looking at the competition swim goggle range from Vorgee. We will look at the entire range, including the TorpedoMissile, and Stealth MK II, three different swimming goggles that work great for racing and training. 

Episode 4: Drowning Prevention - Davina's Swim House

Welcome to our fourth episode in our drowning prevention series. Today, we speak with Davina Lopez from Davina's Swim House in Toronto. Ontario. Davina is going to speak to us this morning about her swim school, the importance of water safety and things to pay attention to when you guys are out at the cottage and like the summer and what she's doing to help keep people safe.

Alex Baumann


Swimmer wearing Vorgee kids swimming goggles

In this second episode of our drowning prevention series, we're going to speak with Kerri Russell from Russell aquatics in Markham, Ontario; Kerri is going to bring us her message on drowning prevention, give us a little glimpse into what she does and give us a little insight into the swim school itself.


Thank you for making time. You've been involved in coaching for five decades. In that time, you've gone from corner to corner of the globe. You've impacted thousands of people. I want to dive into the thick of you and your coaching to get as much out of this as we can.

So what has a lifetime of coaching taught you? That's a big question, and I got to get you to boil it down to some key points, 

I think the number one is we can't make people do things. We have to empower people to do something.

I also believe that I'm not in the swimming business; I'm in the people business. I always felt a lot of the work was to inspire the best out of people and help them dream big. It all fits within the bigger picture; it's not just about swimming better. It's about being a better teammate, being a better person, being a better son and daughter, and, hopefully, being a better world leader tomorrow. We coach kids that you hope to want to get involved in the sports and complete the circle when they are adults, as a volunteer or as a coach or as an official. It's all about the bigger picture, not just the swimming aspect. 


Swimmer wearing Vorgee kids swimming goggles

Today we're talking about Junior goggles. If you're looking for the best swimming goggles for your kids for swimming lessons or getting outdoors this summer, we've got the perfect pair for you at Ocean junction. We're taking a look at the junior series from Vorgee. We have goggles that fit those at 18 months up to 12 or 13 years in this collection. Let's dive in!


I've learned that the training part, the day-to-day time and mileage, that's easy. That's truly the easiest part, but the mental game of it all, especially when we talk about Iron Man, I explained to everyone, whether you are the first person or whether you are dead last, everyone is suffering. And if you're not suffering, something's wrong with you; and you should probably quit after that race because you had the perfect day. It is a huge challenge. And even down to half iron man, and a sprint even down to an Olympic distance. You know, even we can talk about swimming even in a 400, there's always that question of whether you can do it, at that three-quarter distance your brain will always want to tell you, you can't do it.

So to me, it's always about training the athlete, working with the athletes to make sure that they're ready to handle that moment because the rest of it's pretty straightforward.


Swimmer wearing Vorgee Stealth MK IIGoggles

The Stealth MK II from Vorgee is one of the best swim goggles for swimmers in the pool, lake, or ocean. It's a great open water swimming choice because of the mirrored lenses and peripheral vision. It is a versatile swim goggle that fits almost all face shapes and sizes. In the video below, we break down the swim goggle features as we unpack the swim goggle. Get into it and enjoy!



I want to talk about leadership. Your influence as a sports director has been far-reaching for quite some time.

 Once you have the strategy, you really have to concentrate on what culture you actually want? What is that performance culture? Make sure it revolves around values and behaviors.

Our values at Swimming Australia are :

  • courage
  • unity
  • excellence

Courage that we have to be ambitious with what we have to do. We want to be innovative. We want to take risks. We have to take risks in high-performance. Otherwise, you're not going to get the results. They are calculated risks, and we're dealing with government funds.

Unity is about collaborating with purpose. I don't believe you just collaborate for the sake of collaboration, but it has to, has to be purposeful. 

Excellence is trying to be the best in the world. We want to be the best in the world.

Unpacking the Missile swimming goggle from Vorgee

We are unpacking the Missile swimming goggle from Vorgee. 

 Let's dive in and see what is inside. The Missile swim goggle from Vorgee is a staple swimming product for kids up to adults. It is a versatile swim goggle that fits almost all face shapes and sizes. In the video below we break down the features of the swim goggle as we unpack the goggle . Get into it and enjoy!


Swimmer wearing Vorgee Missile Goggles

The intentional decision to treat Rick like he was a typical child meant being committed to doing what needed to be done to ensure that Rick was just that. The ideals wrapped up in that commitment, hard word, perseverance, dedication, and not being limited by a disability clearly had an effect on Rick and helped him accomplish all he and his family have done to date.

This is a story of a family that chooses to see each other as human beings; they love unconditionally and are prepared to move mountains for each other. Their legacy is an idea that anything can be achieved with perseverance, dedication, and commitment.



Our conversation with Tom was walk through 45 years of swimming history in and out of his history-making career, being the only Canadian swim to date that has medaled in three consecutive Olympic Games. Tom's journey to where he is now has ebbed and flowed naturally; he talks about what he's learned, challenges that he has experienced, the joys of success and the bitterness of defeat, and how that has developed the framework of a growth mindset.

On one of your pages, you have a saying, and you seem to embody it with what you just said. It reads "Better is always better. No matter the amount, fail forwards, be brave, stay in the fight."

 What does that mean for you?  - Find out inside


Swimmer wearing Vorgee Missile Goggles

Whether you're swimming laps at an indoor pool or practicing in the pool outdoors or in the open water, swim goggles are essential for seeing underwater and protecting your eyes from irritants like chlorine and saltwater. But we've all felt what it's like to swim using pairs that don't work as well as they should. How do you select the best swimming goggles? A few questions first, what type of swimmer are you?  

Do you like to swim for fun? 

Are you swimming for exercise?

Are you a competitive swimmer?

Choosing a product based on use can be important. However, it would be best if you decided based on fit. 

First, let's dispel the swim goggle suction is an irrelevant test. The tension found in the material of a one-piece goggle or an adjustable noise piece creates rigidity in the goggle's horizontal flexibility that will work to retain its shape. You need to put the straps on and feel the gaskets fit when you are wearing it.

Sean Baker - | Winning at all benefit & team building

Swim coach Sean Baker

We spoke with Sean Baker of the Markham Aquatic Club. Sean has been a pillar of the Canadian swimming community for the past 30 plus years. He's had the opportunity to coach from coast to coast and has always strived to make swimming better in his community. He is unapologetic about winning, his desire to win, and his performance expectation so long as it's done in the right way. He's a proponent for athletic development and is a master of team building.

How does Anti-fog work on swimming goggles?

The simple dos and don'ts

  1. Keep the goggle dry before use.  
  2. Avoid creating humidity in the goggle before use by wearing the goggle prior to the session start.
  3. As the human body heats up, it sweats to cool itself down (yes, even in the water)
  4. Once the antifog is saturated and the goggle needs to be cleared, dip it in the water. Repeat as necessary.
  5. When the swim session is done, rinse the goggle in freshwater leave it to dry.
  6. Never touch the inside of the lens.
  7. Use a goggle with antifog injection works.

Find a swimming or triathlon program around you

We all know...anecdotally that physical activity has a positive effect on mental health and our physical health. The research and evidence show, "Regular physical activity comprised of cardiovascular and resistance exercise has many mental health benefits. The longer you stick with your exercise schedule, and the more often you exercise, the more benefits you'll see. For example, research shows that regular physical activity can help with anxiety, stress, cognitive performance, and mood".

There are so many organizations big and small across Canada that provide programs for people of all ages. We have compiled information for swimming, triathlon and multisport programs below. 

Finding the right swim goggle Part 2 - Small and Sleek

The Missile goggle is the go-to goggle for so many swimmers worldwide - from youngsters up to those taking charge at the Olympic games. Why? Because the goggle works. Its inner orbital eye fit sits in the eye socket, creating a personal fit for so many & the adjustable nose pieces allow fitting on small and larger faces. As with all Vorgee products, the anti-fog is long-lasting.  Click read more & lets go through the features and highlight what you get with your purchase.

Aqua Range Swim, Body & Hair products

The perfect combination of products to care for your body, hair and swimwear in an eco-concious way.

The Vorgee Aqua Range features three components: A body wash, a hair rinse and bathing suit wash that the Aussie's like to call a "Tog" wash. 

Swimmer swimming with a tethered harness in a backyard pool

Why Choose Kick Boards & Pull Buoys Made From EVA Foam

Ever used a slimy, grimy kickboard or pull buoy? Here's why it was and your solution. EVA foam is expanded or foam rubber. Because EVA is a buoyant material, it is used in kickboards, pull buoys, aqua fitness equipment, fishing and water sports gear, and non-traditional items like floating eyewear. EVA foam remains strong at low-temperatures, retains its resistance to UV radiation and stress-cracking, and possesses hot-melt adhesive waterproof properties.  


LAGUNA BEACH TOWEL by Havlu Sport - Ocean Junction


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