The Best Answer To The Question Everyone Is Asking About Pools.

The Best Answer To The Question Everyone Is Asking About Pools.

The Best Answer to the question everyone is asking about Swimming pools.

When will SWIMMING pools open?

From coast to coast many aquatic enthusiasts, swimmers, triathletes, parents, campers and those that just want to lounge by their local pool are all waiting for an answer to the same question. 

Will swimming pools be open this summer?

indoor swimming pool

As an example, Québec recently authorised the opening of outdoor pools. Indoor swimming pools remain closed. The municipalities will have to abide by their plans for safe use, physical distancing and use capacity. Despite the go ahead, serval municipalities including Pierrefonds-Roxboro and Kirkland have opted not to open any outdoor pools.

The main reasons why swimming pools may elect to remain closed 

  1. The ability to create a safe environment for patrons
  2. The ability to create manageable foot traffic flow to allow for physical distancing
  3. The need to keep staff protected
  4. The recognition of the operating costs with reduced capacity and revenue

As information and plans evolve, the facilities will be better equipped to handle traffic.

whats the latest on swimming pools across canada?

  1. BC is set to move to phase 3 of their reopening strategy by mid June. Recreation facilities were listed in phase 2, However most jurisdictions have not laid out their plan to open facilities. Some pools will likely be open for the latter half of the summer. It is expected that indoor pools will open in September. It is best to check with your local pool to get specific details. 
  2. Saskatchewan is set to move to phase 3 June 8th 
  3. Ontario is in the process of moving to stage 2. An update on pools will be available on June 9th. 
  4. Québec recently authorised the opening of outdoor pools. Indoor swimming pools remain closed. 
  5.  Manitoba and PEI have eased restrictions to now allow for swimming to be available. Check with your local pool for specific details. 
  6. You can expect a similar pattern with other provinces and jurisdictions.

The good news is that the CDC reports: There is no evidence that COVID-19 can spread to people through the water used in pools, hot tubs, or water playgrounds. Which is great news for pool goes. The CDC does however note: Proper operation and disinfection of pools, hot tubs, and water playgrounds should kill the virus that causes COVID-19.

Youth swimmer swimming laps in a pool with goggles

Competitive & organized swimming

swimmers racing in a long course swimming pool

For many of those that enjoy the pool do it through swim club, water polo artistic swimming and other organized organization. For the competitive community of all ages, Swimming Canada has published it is plan for reopening. It now has to filter down to provincial governing bodies in conjunction with municipalities to publish a plan to restart organized activity.Swim Alberta has published a resource list on what to consider.

Other provincial governing bodies have published similar guideline, we found this one to more comprehensive.

If you have experience with lake and ocean swimming and will venture out in to the open water, make sure to do it safely  Also check out our series on protecting yourself from UV rays and ways to be respectful the environment.

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