Eco Friendly Sun Protection

Eco Friendly Sun Protection

We all look forward to getting outside whether it is winter or summer.  Being active and outdoors is just great no matter the time of year. 


The weather may change your mind on that some days. Regardless, having the the right clothing and accessories to be safe is critical. Here is part 1 of our UV awareness series.  First you have to ask  - What am i protecting myself against? We will focus on the sun for this article.  What guards to pay attention to:



Nicole Swistak from Caring Village explains


"UVC is the most damaging to the skin. Thankfully, however, the majority of UVC is absorbed by the ozone layer and doesn’t reach us. 


 UVB affects the epidermis, or outer layer, of the skin. This results in sunburn, blistering, or possibly skin cancer. In relation to the eyes, it affects the corneas, or the clear front part of the eyeballs. This can cause severe irritation, light sensitivity, and lots of tearing. More on that later! 


UVA is the one that penetrates the skin the most. This is because even though it isn’t as strong as UVB rays, it is more prevalent. UVA light makes up 95% of the UV radiation that reaches the earth and is the one that causes tanning and aging of the skin. But because it penetrates more deeply, it affects the inner layers of the skin and eyes."


 UVB rays are mostly absorbed by the cornea - the outermost layer on the front of the eye; and so do not penetrate through to the retina, unlike UVA radiation which passes through the cornea to the lens and retina of the eye.  


Its worthwhile to note that "UV rays can bounce off surfaces like water, sand, snow, pavement, or even grass, leading to an increase in UV exposure." So when hanging out in and around the pool, beach or lake, make sure you are aware of the ways needed to protect yourself from the sun, reason and times to think about protection may not always be obvious.

What should you do? 

Wearing proper sunglasses and swim goggles is a simple and effective way to mitigate the damage that can be done by the sun. 

 All Vorgee goggles are equipped to protect you from UVA & UVB rays.


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Our impact on the environment changes the way we operate in the world today. The change is constant and will need to be considered constantly. Be prepared with the right equipment and accessories to enjoy your next outing or adventure.

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