The Vortech Swim Goggle Range Explained

The Vortech Swim Goggle Range Explained

Vortech Range

The Vortech range from Vorgee offers the perfect balance of technology, performance, and comfort. As a pool swimmer or open water swimmer, a Vortech goggle is ideal for either one. With three sizes and three lens options, there is a choice for everyone and all circumstances. We are going to dive into the features and let you see why these are so good.


The Material

The material is a big part of what makes this swimming goggle what it is. The goggle is made from a material called Thermoplastic elastomers or TPE. The material is extremely light-weight, making it easy to get a good seal without a lot of pressure on the eye. We often get asked for a solution to prevent goggle marks or "raccoon eyes" after a swim. This goggle provides that solution. Once the goggle is on, a gentle tug on the strap will be sufficient to enjoy your swim leak-free.  

Extra Large Gaskets

The shape and structure of the extra-large gaskets are a key component in creating a watertight seal. TPE's composition gives this goggle what it needs to retain the shape and integrity of the gasket during use. If the goggle were made of silicone, the gasket would begin to collapse after a short period of time, leading to leaking. With the Vortech, you can enjoy your swim session as long as you like in comfort and without the nag of leaking goggles.

Anti-Fog Injected Lens

On to the lenses, manufactured in Italy, these lenses are a specific type of polycarbonate lens that bonds well with TPE. As a result, these lenses are thicker with the antifog injected directly in the lens. An additional advantage of the thicker lenses is increased clarity & visibility underwater. To care for anti-fog in any goggle is the same - avoid putting your fingers on the lens and whipping off the anti-fog. Anti-fog injection increases the life of the anti-fog by removing habit we have all developed. 

To maximize the use of the anitfog - put the goggle on DRY as you begin your swim session

Strapping System

The strapping system allows for quick adjustment and extra comfort. The roll ball on the goggle side allows a swimmer to tighten the strap quickly with a quick tug and loosen by rolling the ball backward. The duel strap allows the strap to sit in a place that will hold the goggle in the right place for a swimmer and work around a hair bun under a swim cap.


To care for your swimming goggle, follow these simple steps

  • Keep it in the case when not being used
  • When the swim session is complete rinse the goggle in freshwater
  • Avoid putting your fingers on the inside of the lens
  • Store in a dry place
  • avoid leaving the goggle in the extreme temperatures


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