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Brand Ambassador: Kylie Acford

Why Kylie chooses Ocean Junction

  • Top quality products, provide the most comfortable materials and long lasting anti-fog

  • Choose the right goggle for any condition or environment.  Sight better, swim better

  • Fashionable products that are great for travel, training and competition

About Kylie

Kylie is an ambitious, passionate swimming/triathlon coach with a diverse range of work experience from different environments, who has worked alongside and mentored by provincial and national coaches, Kylie has coaches national age group qualifiers, finalists and Olympic trial qualifiers.She competed in first triathlon when she was 7. Since then she has competed in swimming, running and triathlon events but fell in love with coaching when she was 16. She now has 14 years of coaching experience but has focused on triathlon, particularly triathlon swimming, for the last 5 years.Since moving back to Victoria 3 years ago, she has worked with many of the triathlon clubs and coached a wide range of age groups and abilities from novice to professional athletes.Maintaining her love for racing, Kylie competed in the 2019 70.3 Worlds in Niece, Fr

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Kylie Acford

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Gear Review: Vorgee Vortech Max Goggles

The verdict: my new Vorgee goggles worked brilliantly. From my initial jump into the water to crossing the finish line, these googles did not leak nor fog up – even once! They were great for sighting, especially considering the strength of the Kelowna sun shining down on the lake and into my eyes.

Why I Wear Vorgee's  Missile-Goggle

The Vorgee Missile is a goggle that is widely copied by other brands for one good reason, it’s the best. 

I like them because they are a low profile design, meaning they sit neatly tucked inside my eye socket. 

The Perfect Beach Towel-Introducing the Havlu Sport Laguna Towels

I LOVE these towels! Perhaps that seems like a strong statement, but seriously, I'm a mom to 3 kids and I LOVE anything that makes my life easier.I love these towels because I can easily fit 5 Laguna towels into my bag along with our swim suits and snacks


Amy F.Verified Buyer 5 star rating

Amy F.Verified Buyer5 star rating07/23/19Best towel!Review by Amy F. on 23 Jul 2019 

Great size, quick dry. I use mine for triathlon training and lazy days at the lake. ❤️On LAGUNA BEACH TOWEL


Vorgee Vortech Swim Goggle - Ultra Vision - Clear Lens
Vorgee Aqua Hair Rinse
Super Flex Swim Cap


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