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Brand Ambassador: Elisabeth Boutin

Why Elisabeth chooses Ocean Junction

  • Top quality products, provide the most comfortable materials and long lasting anti-fog

  • Choose the right goggle for any condition or environment.  Sight better, swim better

  • Fashionable products that are great for travel, training and competition

About Elisabeth

Born in 1995, I grew up in Les Cèdres, Montérégie, Quebec and currently live, train and study in Montreal, Quebec.  

I have been a triathlete since age 8 and my passion for triathlon keeps me motivated everyday, I am currently training with Triathlon Barista in Montreal, Quebec lead by coach Alex Sereno. As an elite triathlete recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Recreation and Sport, I train 6 to 7 days a week. 

I am on the ITU circuit &  continue my studies at the Université du Québec à Montréal in Management

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Elisabeth Boutin

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Gear Review: Vorgee Vortech Max Goggles

The verdict: my new Vorgee goggles worked brilliantly. From my initial jump into the water to crossing the finish line, these googles did not leak nor fog up – even once! They were great for sighting, especially considering the strength of the Kelowna sun shining down on the lake and into my eyes.

Why I Wear Vorgee's  Missile-Goggle

The Vorgee Missile is a goggle that is widely copied by other brands for one good reason, it’s the best. 

I like them because they are a low profile design, meaning they sit neatly tucked inside my eye socket. 

The Perfect Beach Towel-Introducing the Havlu Sport Laguna Towels

I LOVE these towels! Perhaps that seems like a strong statement, but seriously, I'm a mom to 3 kids and I LOVE anything that makes my life easier.I love these towels because I can easily fit 5 Laguna towels into my bag along with our swim suits and snacks


Amy F.Verified Buyer 5 star rating

Amy F.Verified Buyer5 star rating07/23/19Best towel!Review by Amy F. on 23 Jul 2019 

Great size, quick dry. I use mine for triathlon training and lazy days at the lake. ❤️On LAGUNA BEACH TOWEL


Vorgee Vortech Swim Goggle - Ultra Vision - Clear Lens
Vorgee Aqua Hair Rinse
Super Flex Swim Cap


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