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The Ocean Junction Origin Story


For a better future by asking: Are we doing our part to be and build a world, environment & communiity

Established in 2016, Ocean Junction was created in response to an ever-changing retail landscape and a mission to do things differently. Little by little, we try to do more to help and bring awareness to local issues and initiatives that we launch or are driven by people that inspire us to be better every day. 

Providing the public with access to products made in the best interest of people and the planet is of the utmost importance. We partner with brands that endeavor to manufacture ethically and with respect for the individual and environment. 

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In response to the world events of 2020 that shut down the world economy, adversely affected world populations, and brought the world to a standstill, it became clear that change is needed and that we need to be an active part of the necessary change. At a time where it's become normal to take more than you give by polluting without regard, consuming without limit, and extracting resources without a thought of how it will affect future generations, it is clear that as a population, we need to restore balance to our lifestyle. 

In many ways, the world shutting down had a restorative effect on the environment and society. The environment started to heal itself; people disconnected from their devices and reconnected with nature. When forced to refrain from what had become our everyday activities, the impact of humans was a reminder of the importance of maintaining balance in all aspects of life. 

Being part of the solution means doing more to restore or rejuvenate the environment and our communities. In line with that thought, at Ocean Junction, we committed to choosing the best option for the environment and the planet, which then, by default, will also be the best option for the health of human beings. 

Knowing the connection that exists between the earth and its inhabitants, we will look to continue to deliver on our vision: "To promote an active lifestyle that exists in harmony with the environment." 

We encourage everybody to get outdoors, adventure into new places, care for the environment and live a healthy balanced lifestyle. Our mission is to provide high-quality products so that you can explore and adventure in a way that is unique to you. The value of experiencing sport and exploring nature is something we hope everyone can do and have access to products that can be used in harmony with the environment. 

We hope your adventure every day where the ocean meets the land.


To  promote an active lifestyle that exists  in harmony with the environment

The Name:

We at Ocean Junction are passionate about water and exploration. We are passionate about swimming, surfing, rock climbing, yoga, anything out doors really. We wanted to choose a name that embodies our love of exploration and active lifestyle, that describes the products we carry and the connected ways to use them while exploring the world. The Ocean Junction name represents our individual passions, whether it’s spending a day at the beach, hiking, skiing, swimming we all meet at the water.

The Adventure:

Each of us at Ocean Junction approach our jobs with a unique set of prior experiences that shape the way we do things. We recognize that individuals have different strengths and usually take different paths to reach the same destination. This attitude is our M.O. at Ocean Junction. When we have a task, we will accomplish it, and in our own way. Like our team members, we recognize that our customers are individuals with their own unique way of expressing passion for outdoor adventure and fitness. Our vision is to bring you products that are right for you so that you can embark on your own adventure and experience the power of the outdoors!

The Mission:

At Ocean Junction, our prime directive is to encourage active lifestyle and exploration in a way that is unique to everyone. Our mission is to provide high quality products so that you can explore and adventure in a way that is unique to you. The value of experiencing sport and exploring nature is something we hope everyone can have with access to products that can be used in harmony with the environment.

Who we serve

We serve customers of all types. We work with everyday customers, teams, organizations, and retailers by connecting them with our B2B company - JMC Distribution.