Why Choose Kick Boards & Pull Buoys Made From EVA Foam

Why Choose Kick Boards & Pull Buoys Made From EVA Foam

Ever used a slimy, grimy kickboard or pull buoy? Here's why it was and your solution. EVA foam is expanded or foam rubber. Because EVA is a buoyant material, it is used in kickboards, pull buoys, aqua fitness equipment, fishing and water sports gear, and non-traditional items like floating eyewear. EVA foam remains strong at low-temperatures, retains its resistance to UV radiation and stress-cracking, and possesses hot-melt adhesive waterproof properties.

Many will claim products include EVA foam, but how to tell?

Many suppliers will claim their products are EVA when, in actuality, they are a variation, or they aren't at all. There is one easy way to tell the difference between the two. Closed-cell foam has a closed-off cell structure, which makes it more water-resistant. On the other hand, open-cell foam has an open-cell structure, which means liquid can soak into the material. 

Is closed-cell foam waterproof?

In general, closed-cell foams tend to be water-resistant due to the closed nature of the cells that make up the foam. The more small and compact these cells are, the more resistant to water the material will be.

Is closed-cell foam anti-microbial?

When it comes to preventing water vapor from passing through, closed-cell is more useful than open-cell foam. Closed-cell foam is more impermeable to water, vapor, and air. Therefore, it is less likely to be structurally impacted by the effects associated with water damage: mold, mildew, rot, and bacteria.

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Why choose closed-cell foam?

  • Why choose closed-cell foam?
  • Prevent waterlogging, 
  • Prevent bacteria sitting inside the material
  • Prevent Mold & Mildew 
  • Keep clean and sanitized equipment

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