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What you need to know when choosing swimming goggles

Swimmer wearing Vorgee swim goggles

Whether you're swimming laps at an indoor pool or practicing in the pool outdoors or in the open water, swim goggles are essential for seeing underwater and protecting your eyes from irritants like chlorine and saltwater. But we've all felt what it's like to swim using pairs that don't work as well as they should. How do you select the best swimming goggles? A few questions first, what type of swimmer are you?  

Do you like to swim for fun? 

Are you swimming for exercise?

Are you a competitive swimmer?

Choosing a product based on use can be important. However, it would be best if you decided based on fit. 

First, let's dispel the swim goggle suction is an irrelevant test. The tension found in the material of a one-piece goggle or an adjustable noise piece creates rigidity in the goggle's horizontal flexibility that will work to retain its shape. You need to put the straps on and feel the gaskets fit when you are wearing it.

Swimming for fun?

You are likely best to choose a goggle that has as few moving parts as possible. Look for a product that has a universal shape and a quick fit strap system. The material is important as well; a good goggle will feel sturdy and supple, and will be made of high-quality synthetic rubber, avoid googles made from resin or plastic. Anti-fog is always a good.  Price is a factor as well; when swimming for fun, get your self a good functional goggle that keeps the water from getting to your eye.

Here are some great choices for swimming fun!

Choosing a swim goggle for exercise or learning to swim?

Keep it simple or get technical, your choice. First, the simple, as few moving parts as possible, ant-fog, the right material, and comfort straps. If you want something more to offer, we can add considerations like anti-fog injection, dual or competition straps, quick fit strap systems or racing clips, and the goggle size.

So what are these?

An anti-fog injection is what it says. The anti-fog solution is injected into the lens. This requires a thicker lens, the tradeoff of which is you get better visibility underwater.

Dual vs. Competition Straps

Dual Strap

Dual straps start as a single strap and divide into two at the back of the head; they easily hold the strap where you want it or around a hair bun.

Swim goggle with a dual comfort strap

Competition Strap

Competition straps act as two separate straps. They can be positioned in different spots, and one can serve as a backup for the other.

swim goggle with competition strps

Quick Fit Strap system

A Quick Fit Strap system is a pull to tighten and push to loosen system. Swimmers, parents, and instructors love it for ease of use by anyone at any age.

Vorgee Swim goggle quick fit strap system
Vorgee Swim goggle quick fit strap system

Here are some great choices with these swim goggle strap systems

On to goggle size. There are a few things to consider here: comfort & fit, line of sight & range of vision. 

Comfort & fit:  

Do you need comfort and a soft touch around the eye? Then you want to go with an out-orbital fit - a swim goggle that sits on or outside the orbital bone. This tends to provide the least amount of pressure on the face and, in turn, great comfort. The choice of material is equally important here. A goggle made of silicone or synthetic rubber provides an efficient waterproof seal with a smaller gasket.

Vorgee Swim goggle gasket

A swim goggle with a larger gasketthat tends to provide the highest comfort level should be made from a material like TPE. This material retains the shape of the gasket while it is worn. Unlike silicone, which is much more pliable and changes shape under the pressure of the straps used to wear the goggles, which leads to leaking.

Vorgee Swim goggle large gasket

The alternative is an inner orbital fit, a goggle that fits inside the eye and has a low profile; (you'll need to consider the nose bridge as well) or they can have a thicker gasket and sit a little higher in the eye socket. These are not uncomfortable by any means; think of a dining room chair vs. a lounge chair, it all comes down to preference.

Vorgee Swim goggle low profile goggle

Line of sight & Range of Vision: 

A swim goggle with a flat lens will give you great forward visibility with limited peripheral vision. 

Vorgee Swim goggle flat lens

A curved lens will give you a great combination of both forward peripheral vision.

Vorgee Swim goggle wide angle lens

Are you choosing a swim goggle for racing?

This is totally based on preference, need, and use. We have compiled a comprehensive list of specifications and features required to choose the right goggle for you. We hope this helps you.

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