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Washing Mindfully: An Introduction to the Vorgee Aqua Range

Posted on May 01 2018

Washing Mindfully: An Introduction to the Vorgee Aqua Range

You care about your body, and like me, shake your head at detergent-pod-eating youngsters and their shenanigans. You’d never consider eating chemical irritants, so why would you use them on your skin and hair? The Vorgee Aqua range is a collection of three products designed for swimmers to remove residual chlorine from your hair, body, and swimwear without the use of harmful chemicals and detergents. The Aqua range consists of the Hair Rinse, Body Wash, and Tog Wash. The Aqua Hair and Aqua Body are enriched with Vitamin E and Provitamin B5, and are free of soaps, SLS, and parabens.

What are parabens, and why should I avoid them?

Parabens are a class of preservative chemical, naturally occurring in some types of fruits, grains, and vegetables. In cosmetic products, they are frequently used in fragrance recipes. Our bodies’ metabolic processes have the ability to neutralize parabens’ harmful qualities when they are ingested, but when parabens are used in cosmetic cleansers they can penetrate the skin and wreak havoc on our bodies’ natural hormone balance. When you use Vorgee Aqua Hair and Aqua Body, you can rest easy knowing that these chemicals won’t bother your body.

Why should I use SLS free products?

SLS, or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a detergent found in many shampoos and cleansing products. Sodium Laureth Sulfate, a related compound, is the same chemical you may use to wash your dishes. SLS in cosmetics has been identified as an irritant to the eyes and skin, as well as the respiratory system. Other reasons to avoid products with this irritant include the effect that it has on aquatic environments. SLS compounds do not break down easily and are toxic to organisms living in these environments.

Vitamins for your hair

The Vorgee Aqua Hair and Body products are enriched with vitamins to promote strong healthy hair and skin. As a former long-time swimmer, I can tell you with confidence that repeated chlorine exposure will damage your hair and skin. Vitamin E provides nutrients to your skin and repairs damaged hair follicles, while Vitamin B5, in the form of panthenol, moisturizes and lubricates hair after swimming in chlorinated water.

Tog Wash?

You may have never heard the word ‘Togs’ before. This is Aussie slang for bathing suit. Just like your skin and hair, repeated chlorine exposure will damage your swimwear, causing colours to fade and cuts to stretch and lose their shape. Vorgee Aqua Tog Wash gently removes residual chlorine and works with all types of swimwear, from recreational and training suits to competition swimwear. Washing your suits with Aqua Tog extends the life of your swimwear, enabling you to get the best out of yourself!