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Unpacking the Stealth MK II swimming goggle from Vorgee

Swimmer wearing a Vorgee Stealth MK II Swim Goggle

We are unpacking the Stealth MK II swimming goggle from Vorgee. 

Ocean Junction is the best source for Vorgee Swim Goggles in Canada and the Pacific North West of the USA

The Stealth MK II from Vorgee is one of the best swim goggles for swimmers in the pool, lake, or ocean. It's a great open water swimming choice because of the mirrored lenses and peripheral vision. It is a versatile swim goggle that fits almost all face shapes and sizes. In the video below, we break down the swim goggle features as we unpack the swim goggle. Get into it and enjoy!

What's in the case

The Stealth Mk II Swim Goggle 

We are opening up the case to see what's inside. So we have the Goggle cradle, the swim goggle and twist-tied to the back, we have three adjustable nose clips, 

We can pack it up and put it back in the case that it comes with, which is a reusable and recyclable case. 

Goggle Features

Now, when we look at the swim goggle. We have an extended arm along the side of the swim goggle and what this does is removes pressure off the eye by changing where the pressure of the strap is applied, making it more comfortable. We have a great lens shape that offers an Opti flat lens and great peripheral vision. We see the same features on the other side of the swimming goggle. As we talked about with the missile, we have a racing clip to tighten and loosen the swim google strap.

Changing the nose piece

So with the nose piece, I like to grab a pair of scissors or clippers and separate the nose piece I want from the cradle. It's just easier. You can work it off, but this is what I prefer. This is the biggest nose piece we see here. And now we're just going to pull off the other side. This will require a little bit of force; a young swimmer might need some help with this, but it certainly is not impossible for a small swimmer. We're just going to take a good hold of the swim goggle, grab it, peel it back the same way we did with the Missile swim goggle from Vorgee. The same thing on the other side, we're going to peel it back. Now, we're going to grab the new one, note the curved aspect of the nose piece, and when we're just going to fit that into the google, it fits nice and snug; it just kind of plugs in there.

The same thing on the other side, we're going to plug it in and just like that. We have the nose piece changed. 

The racing clip and strap

So now, looking at the racing clip, the same thing as we saw in the Missile swim goggle from Vorgee. We have dual straps coming in from both sides. We're just going to dislodge it and adjust it and then replace or reattach the straps to the outside of the clip, and there you go. It's secure and in place. 

Great for open water swimming and swimming pool use

This swim goggle is a fantastic goggle for pool and open water swimming because of those curved lenses and extended arms. And as with all Vorgee swim goggles, it has fantastic anti-fog, so visibility is always excellent. You can find it ocean junction under the racing goggles tab at a price of only $50, which is fantastic.

Ocean Junction is the best source for Vorgee Swim Goggles in Canada and the Pacific North West of the USA

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