The Perfect Beach Towel-Introducing the Havlu Sport Laguna Towels

The Perfect Beach Towel-Introducing the Havlu Sport Laguna Towels


We are super excited to be adding the Havlu Towel line to our store. These towels are ultra soft, super absorbent, lightweight, and made from 100% Turkish cotton!

The Perfect Aqua Adventure Towel

I love getting my kids outside to the beach, splash park, or outdoor pool. We are a water-loving family and spend a lot of our free time in or around the water. Of course, being the mom, means I get the joy of  lugging everyone's things to and from the  beach or pool-not my favorite part of our water adventures. I especially don't enjoy the tired slog back to the car with wet, heavy towels and tired, whiny kids. Which is why I'm super thrilled to share the Havlu Laguna towels with you. I LOVE these towels! Perhaps that seems like a strong statement, but seriously, I'm a mom to 3 kids and I LOVE anything that makes my life easier.
I love these towels because I can easily fit 5 Laguna towels into my bag along with our swim suits and snacks.They are ultra-lightweight so it's easy to carry. The Turkish cotton means they are super soft and feel amazing. And they are quick drying- so my kids can go in and out of the water and come back to a dry towel every time! I also love that they dry quickly because it means I'm not carrying 5 sopping, heavy towels back to the car when our day is done. We've tried some other quick-drying towels and found that they were not very absorbent but the Laguna towels really are and make for quick and easy dry-offs- one more reason I love them!

Seriously! Make your life easier and enjoy your day at the beach, pool, or water park more with dry, happy kids!

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