Vorgee swimming goggles

The Best Training & Competition Swimming Goggles

Today we're talking about what we think are the best swim goggles for training and competition. We are looking at the competition swim goggle range from Vorgee. We will look at the entire range, including the Torpedo, Missile, and Stealth MK II, three different swimming goggles that work great for racing and training.  

The Torpedo Swim Goggle by Vorgee

We are starting with the Torpedo; It is a swim goggle with a very thin gasket, an almond eye shape & sits very close to the eye. It is incredibly light as a swim goggle and It has 4 Interchangeable nose pieces, as well as competition straps with a lock guard.  It retails at $40.00 compared to other similar products on the market that cost much more.

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