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The Best Long Hair Swim Cap

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We're looking at a comparison between the Superflex silicone swim cap from Vorgee and a standard silicone swim cap from Vorgee. So if you're somebody with a large volume is luscious hair, the chances are that you've run into the issue of a cap slipping off or a goal to fit a cap on your head with the volume of hair that you might have.

Today, we're going to look at the difference between the two and why the super flex cap from Vorgee is an excellent option for you. So, first of all, everybody wears swim caps regardless of the size, the amount of hair, etc.

The standard silicone swim cap from Vorgee

Starting with the standard silicone cap, it's a 50-gram weight, typical silicone from Vorgee high quality, it has a good thickness. So now you see, as you put on, put it on, it stretches the cover the whole head, but you also see the stretch that's required for it to cover the entire head, which means as soon as you get in the water, that's going to start the ride up if you have a large volume of. 

A high grade silicone swim cap, available in a range of colours.

  • Made from high grade silicone
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Bright and fun colours available

The Super Flex swim cap swim Vorgee

Now, alternatively looking at the Super Flex swim cap, canyou see right away there's a lot more stretch, a lot more give to it in holdsin place a lot easier. It's reinforced with a mesh on the inside of the swimcap & will stretch significantly without breaking. So it's much morecomfortable to wear if you have big beautiful hair.

The Super-Flex swimming cap combines durability and flexibility to provide a bubble gum like stretch. The extra stretch makes this cap perfect for those with longer hair, or find standard silicone caps don’t offer enough coverage.

  • High-grade silicone, with extra stretch
  • Available in a great range of colours
  • Small Vorgee logo on both sides of the cap

Swim caps can be great for all swimmers.  They do a great job of protecting your hairfrom the sun, chlorine, and other chemicals. They also help protect the pooland the filters from hair as it naturally sheds off our heads.


So if you're looking for a solution, the super flex cap fromVorgee is it.  Make sure you check it outat

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