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The Best Kids Swim Goggles from Vorgee

Kid swimming with goggles

Kids Swim Goggles at Ocean Junction 

Ocean Junction is the best source for Vorgee Swim Goggles in Canada and the Pacific North West of the USA

Today we're talking about Junior goggles. If you're looking for the best swimming goggles for your kids for swimming lessons or getting outdoors this summer, we've got the perfect pair for you at Ocean junction. We're taking a look at the junior series from Vorgee. We have goggles that fit those at 18 months up to 12 or 13 years in this collection. Let's dive in!

Let's start with the first one for teeny tiny little faces; this is the Starfish goggle with a universal eye fit, very soft, supple gaskets. It has our Quick Fit strap system, which is very simple to use. You pull out to tighten, and then we press down and pull out to loosen, and that holds that in place very nicely. We also have the dual-band for comfort and ease of placement on the back of the head. 

Next, we're going to look at the next goggle in the range chronologically; this is the Dolphin junior swim goggle that fits those between two and eight years old. It has our Quick-Fit strap system similar to the Starfish swim goggle we just showed. The mechanism is slightly different, but the functionality is the same. There is a dual-band on the back again for comfort and placement.

The next swim goggle in the range is the Voyager Jr; as you see, it has a shape that is a universal eye fit, and the reason you see that is because that shape fits so many eye shapes. Again it has a Quick-Fit strap system, the same look, same functionality as the Starfish, as well as a dual-band again for ease of comfort and placement. 

The final goggle we are featuring today is the Starfish Mask swim goggle, so this goggle is rated for anybody between two and 12 years old. It's a larger goggle to fit over the entire face, including the nose, with a nice thick gasket. It has a Quick-Fit strap system as well; the look is a little bit different, but the functionality is the same. So we're going to press down on that button to loosen, and it's just a pull to tighten. We find the same dual-band for ease of comfort. This goggle is fantastic. Suppose you have a young swimmer with sensory or perception issues or is not comfortable having something so close to their face. In that case, this is a really good option for anybody who's looking for something a little bit different, a little bit less invasive. 

The swim goggle case is recyclable

With the case, the case can be used to extend the life of the swim goggle by caring for the goggle properly, so when you're done with the swimming goggle, put it back in the case and help care for the goggle properly. The case is also recyclable. So when you're done with the case, please don't throw it out; make sure to put it in recycling or repurpose it for something else. 

Find all these goggles at Ocean junction find the right goggle for your little swimmer. Thanks for watching. Have a great day.

Ocean Junction is the best source for Vorgee Swim Goggles in Canada and the Pacific North West of the USA

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