Swimming in History: Laps at the Oldest Pool Around!

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Getting stoked about a swimming pool isn't the first thing you'd think of when visiting a foreign country. However, a swimming pool built before World War I is a whole different story. This isn't a pool of glorified technology, world records, or even Olympic length. This 22 metre tank was built before the turn of the 20th century in 1886.
The Spring Hill Baths is a historic tank located in the heart of Brisbane. Its character and unruly length make it an obsolete pool for competition and even full time squad training. With wooden door change rooms, square foot starting blocks and a glass ceiling letting in beautiful natural light, this pool screams authenticity. It may be one of the last of its kind in this pristine condition. This is a tank that has truly withstood the test of time.
During his trip to Australia, Vorgee Ambassador Coleman Allen was able to pay a visit to the historic pool, which stocks exclusively Vorgee product, as many do in the Brisbane metropolitan area. After a visit with the pool staff and with the duties of a sales representative complete, a few laps were in order. This pool was one of many stops during a busy day visiting aquatic centres around the city with Queensland’s very own, Bart Scanlan. Bart manages the Queensland accounts for Vorgee and does so with passion.
Coleman is in Brisbane for the Australian Swim Coaches & Teachers Association (ASCTA) Conference being held May 3-5 at the Brisbane convention centre. He described the opportunity to see the Vorgee brand in full swing and learn from the Aussie family-run business as a privilege and an eye opening experience.
Australia has many beautiful pools, one of which being the Southport complex which held the 2018 Commonwealth Games just weeks ago. Say what you will, original structures such as this truly show the quality and integrity of the Australian engineers who built it and the staff who’ve maintained the facility.
See below for some footage of Coleman and Bart getting some laps in and enjoying the freedom of swimming while immersing themselves in Vorgee. As they say down undah, HAPPY DAYS!

By Coleman Allen

Edited by Ryder McGinnis

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