Ocean Junction's Holiday Gift Guide

Ocean Junction's Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again! If you’re at a loss about what to get the adventurer in your family, no worries, we’ve got you covered. These are our top picks for all your aquatic adventures.

For you littlest adventurer…

Is your little one registered for swimming lessons in the winter or spring? Get them set up with our Starfish goggles! These are super comfortable and come in 3 fun colour combinations. They are designed to fit from 18 months to 6 years and if your kids are anything like mine, they won’t want to take these off. Another great option for a slightly older child is our Dolphin goggles. These goggles are perfect for little swimmers and are made to fit kids ages 2-8. They are comfortable and come in bright colours. We often give these as gifts to our friends and they are always a huge hit! My 3 girls love their goggles so much, they often use them as an accessory outside of the pool too! Pro-tip from my 5-year old, these goggles can double as “cooking glasses” when working with garlic and onions!


For your competitive swimmer…

If you have a competitive swimmer in the family, our Missile Fuze makes the perfect stocking stuffer! The Missile is our top-selling goggle among competitive swimmers, and with the polychromatic reflective lens, these goggles are great for indoor and outdoor swimming. These fun, bright goggles are made to go FAST!!! Why not add a fun, colourful character cap to go with their new goggles. These make the perfect swim accessories for your swimmer!

For your outdoor adventurer…

Are you planning a sunny, beach vacation, a hiking or camping trip, or just wanting to find the perfect shirt for all of your outdoor adventures? We’ve got you covered! These high-quality rashguards are made from water repellent, highly breathable, quick drying lycra making them perfect for surfing, beaching, hiking, running, etc. We love these shirts so much! They are a must-have travel accessory. While they are designed for surfing and water activities, they are so comfortable and with their water repellent technology, they keep you dry from the inside and out making them a perfect layer for running, biking, and hiking. My kids also love these because they are so comfortable. No more wrestling a rash guard on to your little adventurer.


Happy Holidays!

Charlotte McGinnis

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