No More Swimmer's Hair-Ditch the Chlorine with the Vorgee Aqua Line Today

No More Swimmer's Hair-Ditch the Chlorine with the Vorgee Aqua Line Today


You care about your body, you love to swim and like me, you want to enjoy your aquatic adventures without smelling like it. Good news! Now you can safely ditch the chlorine smell with our Vorgee Aqua range.The Vorgee Aqua range is a collection of three products designed for swimmers to remove residual chlorine from your hair, body, and swimwear without the use of harmful chemicals or detergents. The Aqua range consists of the Hair RinseBody Wash, and Tog/swimsuit Wash.


No More Swimmer's Hair

As a former long-time swimmer, I can tell you with confidence that repeated chlorine exposure will damage your hair and skin. I would start the swim season with fresh, clean hair but by December, my hair would be a greenish-tinted straw. The smell of chlorine followed me everywhere, it was in my skin and hair. I love the The Vorgee Aqua range because it gently removes residual chlorine and odour from your hair, skin and swim suit leaving them clean and fresh. No lingering chlorine damage or smell

Its Soap-free, SLS-Free and Paraben-free formula means I feel good about using it on myself and my kids. Both the Hair and Body products are enriched with vitamins to promote strong healthy hair and skin. Vitamin E provides nutrients to your skin and repairs damaged hair follicles, while Vitamin B5, moisturizes and lubricates hair after swimming in chlorinated water, which means no more swimmers hair! While I no longer swim every day, the pool still feels like a second home for me and I enjoy being able to stay active and share my passion for swimming with my kids- without smelling like it!

Bonus! For those of you who take the ‘No Poo’ approach to hair, I find this to be a great weekly cleanser that cleanses my hair without adding all of the harmful chemicals that I’m trying to avoid. My kids and I have thick, curly hair so we take hair care seriously! I love this product because I can use it on myself and my kids and it leaves our hair looking and feeling fantastic. 

Tog Wash?

Tog is Aussie slang for swimsuit and just like your skin and hair, repeated chlorine exposure will damage your swimwear, causing colours to fade and cuts to stretch and lose their shape. Vorgee Aqua Tog/Suit Wash works with all types of swimwear, from recreational and training suits to competition swimwear. Washing your suits with Aqua Tog extends the life of your swimwear, enabling you to get the best out of yourself and your suit!


We are proud to offer products that are SLS and Paraben-free, meaning that they will clean your hair, body, and swim suit without leaching harmful chemicals into your body or the environment. To learn more about why you should avoid Parabens (click here) and SLS’s (click here).

Get your Vorgee Aqua range here today! $23 each or buy all three and save!

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