What's in your Mesh Bag?

What's in your Mesh Bag?

You're at the pool and you've got your swimsuit, cap, and goggles. As far as the fundamental requirements go, you're all set to have a great workout! With the multitude of drills and strokes at your disposal, there's no reason for you to ever get bored with swimming back and forth in your community's twenty-five metre rec centre pool, but in case you do, there is a great selection of supplementary equipment that you can use to shake up your routines, adding new dimensions of interest to your workout and training your muscles in new ways!


Among the simplest and most widespread ways of enhancing your workout with equipment is the kickboard. These floating, foam accessories are usually accessible at most recreational centre pools, and are essential for improving kick efficiency. Good kickers equal good swimmers. Training your freestyle kick on a board while keeping your core tight and your legs straight will translate into a smoother freestyle stroke. A strong kick and core keep your body high in the water, limiting the amount of water that you have to plough through to get to the other side! Vorgee kickboards are available on Ocean Junction in different sizes and colours for you to find your perfect new training buddy!


Snorkels are an excellent way to work on the finer aspects of your stroke without worrying about breath control. Now, snorkels for lane swimming are a little different from those you've used while swimming with sea turtles in Hawaii. Casual snorkels have a spout that goes up the side for maximum aquatic visibility, but they're not ideal for your stroke! A training snorkel runs straight up and down in front of your nose. Using a snorkel in your workout is invaluable for correcting head position and body line. Having one in your mesh bag will improve your core stability and rotational power. 

Pull Buoys:

Want to work your upper body? Pull buoys are foam floatation accessories designed to fit between your legs above the knee. While PB's are great for working on your upper back, arms, and shoulders, it's important to keep your core TIGHT while you use it! With a loose core, swimmers are susceptible to the 'gummy worm' error. To maximize effectiveness of your pull buoy, keep your core strong and control your body rotation around a central axis from the crown of your head to the tip of your toes! 



Paddles increase the surface area of your hands, resulting in more water moved per stroke. Swimming with paddles is a little like stepping up the weight on your bicep curls, except you'll be working your lats, triceps, deltoids, and biceps! Just like in the weight room, you'll want to make sure that you're not going too hard, too fast. It's important to remember that it's YOU doing the work, not the paddle. When using paddles, remember to emphasize a high-elbow catch, keeping your elbow close to the surface, and finish all the way out the back of your stroke, using your triceps to push your hand past your hip. 

Your Bag: 

Last, but not least, where are you going to put all your new equipment now? Luckily for you, Vorgee mesh bags are available on Ocean Junction in a variety of great colours! A mesh bag is a great tool to help you come to the pool prepared for every workout. Our mesh bags come with double reinforced stitching and a broad shoulder strap for easy carrying, with lots of room to fit your gear, and an extra pair of goggles in case you forget yours! Concerned about mixing up belongings because your friend bought the exact same colour? No worries! Vorgee mesh bags also come with a bright name plaque for you to write your name!

If you think you're ready to up your training game with some new Vorgee gear, we recommend you check out our Training Equipment on Ocean Junction! At OJ, we want you to get the best workout possible, which is why we stock our website with high-quality Vorgee products that will support you in pursuit of your personal goals!

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