Swimmer in a pool with clear goggles

How does Anti-fog work on swimming goggles?

How to get the most out of your swimming goggle antifog?

Anti-fog - how to get the best out of it, first off; let's clear up one thing - don't spit in your goggles, don't put soap in your goggles, don't lick the lens. For that matter, keep the goggles completely dry before you get in the swimming pool; let's get into the reasons why. 

  1. Keep the goggle dry before use.  
  2. Avoid creating humidity in the goggle before use by wearing the goggle prior to the session start.
  3. As the human body heats up, it sweats to cool itself down (yes, even in the water)
  4. Once the antifog is saturated and the goggle needs to be cleared, dip it in the water. Repeat as necessary.
  5. When the swim session is done, rinse the goggle in freshwater leave it to dry.
  6. Never touch the inside of the lens.
  7. Use a goggle with antifog injection works.
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