Finding the right swim goggle Part 2 - Small and Sleek

Finding the right swim goggle Part 2 - Small and Sleek

The Missile swimming goggle is the go-to goggle for so many swimmers worldwide - from youngsters up to those taking charge at the Olympic games. Why? Because the goggle works. Its inner orbital eye fit sits in the eye socket, creating a personal fit for so many & the adjustable nose pieces allow fitting on small and larger faces. As with all Vorgee products, the anti-fog is long-lasting, lets go through the features and highlight what you get with your purchase

Swimmer wearing a missile swimming goggle
swimming goggle anti-fog

Vorgee Uses The Best Anti-Fog Available

The longevity of Anti-Fog depends on the quality of product that is used and how it is cured on the lens. Vorgee has strict quality control measures in place, that ensure the curing process is complete. Take care of the product by rinsing out the lens under water after use, let it dry and pop it back in the case.

Supple, Comfortable, Liquid Silicone Gaskets

Slim liquid silicone gaskets provide a comfortable inner orbital fit that fits almost any face with a water tight fit swimming goggle

Choose your lens

Vorgee’s Opti Flat lenses provide amazing clarity under water

4 Interchangeable Nose Pieces Included

Three interchangeable nose pieces along with the inner orbital fit make the Missile range perfect for any size face

100% Silicone Straps

While other products advertise silicone straps, often they are silicone diluted with resin.  Vorgee’s 100% silicone straps offer a far more comfortable fit and will stand up to everyday use 


What you get:

Comfort - Highest Grade of Silicone

100% Silicone Straps

Best Anti Fog treatment 

Longest Lasting Antifog

Four interchangeable nose pieces 

Inner Orbital Eye fit


Bottom line: it fits better, lasts longer, & is more comfortable 

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