Feel the Seal: The Vortech Goggle Range by Vorgee!

Feel the Seal: The Vortech Goggle Range by Vorgee!

Hey Ocean Junkies, we're excited to give you some information on the Vortech goggle line by Vorgee! This is the goggle for the open water, pool, or recreational swimmer who wants the best possible seal, visual clarity, and longevity in a goggle. These goggles' ultralight TPE frame and Ultravision, Anti-Fog Injection Lens make sure that your money is spent well, and on a product that you can rely on. 

The Vortech series by Vorgee may mean the end to your ‘glass slipper’ quest for the perfect goggle. Available in three sizes, the Vortech goggle is suited to a wide variety of fits and faces. Young swimmers have the option of the Vortech Junior, designed specifically to fit small faces, providing a comfortable, secure fit to protect against leaks. Older swimmers have three size options to choose from, with Vortech Max, Regular, and Narrow Fit. Trying each of these sizes to find the fit that’s right for you is the best way to ensure a comfortable and leak-free fit. When you try them, remember to wear the strap around the crown of your head so that you will know what they feel like when you wear them in the water!

As you try these goggles on, you may be asking yourself: “Why do Vortech goggles fit SO WELL!?” The answer to this question lies in the material used to produce these goggles. All Vortech goggles are made using Thermosplastic Elastomers, or TPE for short. In broad strokes, TPE is a combination of different polymers, such as rubbers and plastics. There are lots of advantages to using TPE in our goggles, but the reason that your Vortech goggles fit so well is due to the physical properties of this material. TPE combines the suppleness of rubber with the ease of injection moulding used for plastics. This produces a material that provides moderate stretch with excellent shape retention.

You may now be asking: “Great, but what does it mean?” What this means for your face is that Vortech goggles will morph and stretch to the contours of your visage, springing merrily back into their original shape once you’ve completed your swim. With good care, this means that your goggles will last you much longer and provide the best possible fit every single time, making them your new go-to, workhorse piece of equipment. 

The environmental ramifications of your purchases are important to you, which is why we’re chomping at the bit to tell you about the most exciting feature of TPE. This highly versatile material is nearly entirely recyclable! Unlike other plastics such as PVC, which degrade and deteriorate with exposure to UV rays, TPE can be melted down with few adverse emissions. In addition, the initial production processes for TPE require less water and energy than traditional plastic.

The 4 sizes of Vortech goggles are available with both clear and dark tinted lenses, and a third polarized lens is available in the Vortech Regular size. Stay tuned for more info on these goggles. We’ll tell you how they can help protect your eyes, enhance visibility underwater, and keep from fogging up while you swim! To view these goggles in our online store, click, HERE!

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