Exercises Overview with Kent Aitchison

Exercises Overview with Kent Aitchison

In a recent episode of the On Deck Show sponsored and hosted by Ocean Junction, we sat down with Kent Aitchison of Tournament Capital Strength & Conditioning(TCSC), and the Kamloops Classics swim club. You can find the Youtube & Spotify links by clicking here. The episode talks about the genesis of TCSC and Kent's philosophy on living a healthy lifestyle and promoting it with a well-curated fitness plan. During the interview, Kent demonstrated some exercises that athletes and swimmers of all ages should know to pursue goals of any kind. You will find these below.  

You can reach Kent at:  info@tcstrength.com |  (250) 299-9114

Pre-Hab Exercises with Kent Aitchison


  1. Arm -Swings
  2. Varying speed and sizes
  3. Fly-overs
  4. Frontal Raises
  5. Lateral Raises
  6. Side Flies


Warm-up Exercises with Kent Aitchison


  1. Band Work
  2. Biceps Curls
  3. Face Pulls


Grip Strength Exercises with Kent Aitchison


  1. The correlation between grip strength and should health
  2. Stay Tight & avoid wabbling
  3. Walking with dumbells
  4. Static Hangs



Body Position Exercises with Kent Aitchison

The dead bug position

Pull your belly button into your spine

Push your lower back into the  floor

challenge yourself by raising your leg and arm to different positions

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