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Championship Set for ISL Semi-Finals

Championship Set for ISL Semi-Finals

With match ten wrapped up after four weeks, the stage is set for the International Swimming League's semi-final. Teams battled well, and the swimming has been exhilarating this season. Two teams DC Trident and Aqua Centuriens, are headed home; the remaining eight teams will battle. They will be split into two semi-final rounds with four teams each. Tune in because the swimming and racing are going to continue to get better.

Semifinal 1 will feature:

  • Energy Standard
  • NY Breakers
  • Tokyo Frog Kings
  • London Roar. 

Semifinal 1 runs Saturday 14 and Sunday, November 15. 

Semifinal 2 will feature:

  • Cali Condors
  • Toronto Titans
  • Iron
  • LA Current

Semifinal 2 gets underway on Sunday 15 and concludes on Monday, November 16.

What to watch for:

  1. Placement - where are coaches going to place there swimmers
  2. Relays - Packed with actions, there are five relays on the roster. With a win worth 18 points, five relays can yield a maximum of 90 points is a substantial chunk of the 500 some odd points that are going to be required to move to the finals
  3. The Skins - the winning teams of the medley relays for men and women determine the skins race stroke. A skins win with a maximum of 64 (32 points per gender)
  4. JackPot Points - if a swimmer finishes ahead of other swimmers by a greater margin than the jackpot time, the points of these athletes are awarded to the club of the winner of the race.  Relays are also in play here!

Swimmers to watch this weekend

With a veritable whos who of the swimming world on the rosters of all four teams that include World & Olympic champions and record holders, there will be no shortage of big names to watch for. Here are six that will have an impact on the outcome

Caeleb Dressel International Swimming League

Caeleb Dressel

Multi-stroke sprint specialist. Team: Cali Condores - Home country: USA

Béryl Gastaldello international swimming league

Béryl Gastaldello

A butterfly and freestyle specialist. Team: LA Current - Home Country: France

Ryan Murphy international swimming league

Ryan Murphy

A backstroke specialist and powerful IM swimmer. Team: LA Current - Home Country - USA

Lilly King international swimming league

Lilly King

A breaststroke specialist. Team: Cali Condores - Home country the USA

Olivia Smoliga international swimming league

Olivia Smoliga

A backstroke & freestyle specialist. Team: Cali Condores - Home country the USA

Emre Sakçı international swimming league

Emre Sakçı

A breaststroke specialist. Team: Iron - Home country Turkey

The bottom line is this is going to be an exciting battle. The 2020 ISL season ended This week for two teams. This weekend, four more teams will go home, but rest assured no one is going anywhere without battling hard and right to the finish line. Bring on the ISL!

Live stream in the USA by clicking here

Live stream in Canada by clicking here

Skins Points Breakdown

Skins Points Breakdown International Swimming League

Leader Board Heading Into the 2020 ISL Semi-finals

Leader Board Heading Into the 2020 ISL Semi-finals - International Swimming League

Jack Pot Points Table

Jack Pot Points Table - International Swimming League
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