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Vorgee Tomahawk- Rainbow Mirrored Lens Swim Goggle
Vorgee Tomahawk- Rainbow Mirrored Lens Swim GoggleVorgee Tomahawk- Rainbow Mirrored Lens Swim GoggleVorgee Tomahawk- Rainbow Mirrored Lens Swim Goggle


The combination of the sleek, curved, ultra light lens, and slim silicone eye seals makes the Tomahawk a fast goggle that doesn’t compromise on comfort.

  • Ultra light, low profile, curved, rainbow mirror lens
  • Super slim, soft silicone eye seals and flat competition headstraps
  • Anti-fog coating for enhanced visual clarity
  • 4 interchangeable Boomerang nose bridges
  • UV protection

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Updated June 2022 - The Swim Buddy - What is it, why use it, and what else you should have
. The Swim Buddy Swim Buoy - Swim Safety Float for Open Water Swim Training What is it? The whole concept of this personal swim buoy is something you can tow around behind you that does not interfere with the swim. It's far enough behind you so that your arm stroke doesn't touch it; it sits in front of your legs in the crook of your knees underneath, and your kicking is not affected either....
Getting Ready for a Water Safe Swimming Summer!
Before you know it, the sun will be shining, the birds will be singing, and another summer will be upon us! With the pandemic, many children have not had access to all the wonderful swimming and water safety instructors, making the risk of drowning-related injuries and fatalities an increased risk for EVERYONE who has access to water. About the author: Kim Maurice is the owner of A L'Eau Natation & team member with JMC Distribution...
Unpacking the Missile swimming goggle from  Vorgee 2022
Update for 2022: Unpacking the Missile swimming goggle from Vorgee.  Ocean Junction is the best source for Vorgee Swim Goggles in Canada and the Pacific North West of the USA The Missile swim goggle from Vorgee is a staple swimming product for kids up to adults. It is a versatile swim goggle that fits almost all face shapes and sizes. In the videos below we break down the features of the swim goggle as we...

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