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We all know...anecdotally that physical activity has a positive effect on mental health and our physical health. The research and evidence show, "Regular physical activity comprised of cardiovascular and resistance exercise has many mental health benefits. The longer you stick with your exercise schedule, and the more often you exercise, the more benefits you'll see. For example, research shows that regular physical activity can help with anxiety, stress, cognitive performance, and mood". 

There are so many organizations big and small across Canada that provide programs for people of all ages. We have compiled information for swimming, triathlon and multisport programs below. 

Finding a local program may be easier than you think; you will often find programs at municipal facilities, but did you know you can look for programs at Hotel swimming pools? Private pools? In lakes? In the ocean? That's right, so many places. With these programs, we will often find great social groups and friendships. 

 We hope you find a great program around you. 

Swimming Clubs

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Adult / Masters Swimming Clubs

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